About Vaporisers

If you're considering trying out dry herb vaping then you've come to the right place. We will try lay down all the information you may want to know before you get started. Once you have a decent understanding of the benefits of dry herb vapes over combustion methods you will see that the decision to move is an easy one.

Vaporising Overview

Vaporisers work by heating your cannabis or other dry herbs instead of burning them. This avoids combusting your plant material which creates more toxins. Vape devices heat the material to a temperature just below when it would combust and instead vaporises the cannabinoids such as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (Cannabidiol). Once this is done it can then be inhaled and leaves the unburnt plant material behind. This material is sometimes called DCB (Decarbed Bud) or AVB (Already Vaped Bud) and can be used in other ways such as making edibles or simply thrown out.

Heating Methods

There are two main styles of heating methods within devices. They are convection and conduction, however some do use a combination of both and are referred to as hybrid vapes. Convection vapes work by heating air which is then passed though your herb either by drawing the air with your own lungs or in some cases fan assisted. Conduction work by directly heating up the material in a chamber similar to cooking something in a pan. Hybrid devices will use a combination of both to different extents.

Vaporiser Types

Vaporisers can be classed into two main types Portable or Desktop. Usually customers will make a decision on what type of vape they want depending on how they wish to use it.

Portable vapes are great either at home, on the go use or for those that have discretion in mind. They are available as either battery powered or butane. Most are powered by battery which need to be charged after the battery is drained. Some devices such as the DynaVap range are heated through the use of any heat source but primarily a butane torch. Portable dry herb vapes are the most commonly used.

Desktop vapes need to be plugged into a power source so are usually only for home use. As they are plugged into a power outlet they are able to use more power than portable vapes and as such usually have larger bowls and are able to produce more vapor on average. Most of the time vapor is drawn thorugh a tube called a whip or vaporised into bags which can then be inhaled from. Some users will have these set up for social settings but that does not mean it can not be used by yourself. 

Costing of Devices

There is a large range of costs for vaporisers currently available. Costs usually fluctuate depending on the battery life, size, performance/power, and production material. You will need to decide how you want to use your vaporiser to help steer your choice. You may need to compromise between some features over others. For example if you want long battery life but don't want to sacrifice on price you may need to look at something that is a bit bigger. If you want to have higher quality production materials you will most likely be looking at more cost. It is important to remember to shop within your budget and we are happy to make recommendations should you need help.

Most users also find that they have a higher efficiency when using vaporisers when comparing there use of other methods that combust dry herb material. The upfront cost may seem like a lot but you may see savings down the line depending on your frequency of use. 

We have not found any vaporisers valued under NZD$100.00 that we are comfortable offering on our website. If you are considering a device from any of our competitors we recommend you steer clear of anything under that price if you want to have an enjoyable dry herb vaping experience.

Odour Production

Vaporisers do produce a smell during use however it is substantially less than what smoking creates. We would recommend using devices outside or if that is not possible in an area that has decent airflow to minimise odour build up. It should also be noted that if devices have been used for a longer length of time without cleaning there can be a lingering smell on the device.