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We are looking for growers interested in joining THE PINEAPPLE®: Collective.

The NZ Government has agreed to hold a binding referendum at the 2020 General Election to determine whether personal use of recreational cannabis should be legalised. Once it is legal we plan to open a legal dispensary and store (THE PINEAPPLE®: Dispensary) with the goal of empowering growers within different communities throughout New Zealand. We will do this by creating an arm of our business (THE PINEAPPLE®: Collective) which will focus on helping growers navigate the complexities of becoming a legal operation and providing an avenue for them to sell their product.

A current draft version of the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill is available as a PDF here. The bill outlines the restrictions that will be in place should it pass. Some of the activities that will be controlled are:

  • Importing cannabis plant seeds
  • Cultivating and manufacturing cannabis products
  • Wholesale of cannabis products
  • Retail sales of cannabis products
  • Operating cannabis consumption premises

It is worth noting that the current draft states that a person may not hold a licence to cultivate cannabis and to offer sale through retail at the same time. As we receive more information about what the legislation will be throughout the year we will be able to share more of our plans.

If this opportunity interests you contact us now by filling in the form below to start the conversation.

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